Travel Information

Suffolk County Council Entitlement to free home to school transport

You can check your child’s entitlement to free home to school transport from the Suffolk OnBoard Website.

In general Suffolk County Council’s general policy with regard to Free Schools is that the local authority will provide transport to the school if  they live more than 3 miles from  the school and it  is the nearest school to the pupil’s home.

For further information call Suffolk OnBoard 0845 606 6173 or register an interest online (external).

For more information on Suffolk County Council home-to-school transport policies and the services provided call 0845 606 6173.

Norfolk County Council Entitlement to free home to school transport

In general Norfolk County Council will provide Free home to school transport for Norfolk pupil’s attending IES Breckland if they live over 3 miles from IES Breckland and this school is nearer than their catchment school. For more information please read this document.

For further information visit the website, or contact the Customer Service Centre on 0344 800 8020, or by e-mail

IES Breckland Transport

IES Breckland currently provide transport for pupils who live in the areas of Methwold, Feltwell, Mundford and Thetford. Places are limited and will be issued on a first come first served basis. There is a charge for this service. The timetables and routes are listed below and if you are interested in applying for a place on one of the IES Breckland buses please complete this application form.


Wilton Road bus stop 7.20
Central Garage 7.23
Triangle Old Methwold Rd/Lodge Rd 7.25
Weeting Garage 7.33
Weeting bus stop 7.35
IES Breckland 7.50


Corner Methwold Hythe 07.15
Methwold Spa 07.18
Bus stop near Fire Station 07.20
West End (near Hall Farm) Northwold 07.28
Church Northwold 07.29
Little London Road Bus stop 07.30
Church turning, Cranwich 07.35
Mundford Bus Stop (A134) 07.37
IES Breckland 07.50


Blackdyke Road 07.10
Top of Holders Lane,Brookville 07.20
Crn Oxborough Rd, Stoke 07.25
Top of Bradfield Place 07.27
Garage, Wereham 07.35
Hythe Rd, Foulden 07.50
Top of Walnut Close 07.50


Pine Close shops 07.10
Corner of Queensway and Kingsway 07.14
Mill Lane Vets 07.16
Mini roundabout ajoining Admirals 07.27
Admirals Way, corner of Collingwood 07.30
Thistle Close Dropped off on main road 07.35
Jct Rosecroft Way/Foxglove Rd. Dropped off on main road 07.38


St John’s Way 7.30
Ely Way 7.35
Opposite Ripon Way 7.40