IES Breckland is a school for the future, a school for the community, where children are treated as individuals and high standards are expected from all. IES Breckland provides a secure environment for teaching and learning, where teachers can teach and students can learn. This policy and any associated procedures are based on this vision and set of values.


It is IES Breckland School’s policy that all students wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours. The Governing Body of the School decides on the uniform policy and it is the Principal’s responsibility to ensure the students keep to the rules. It is the parents’ and students’ responsibility to arrive at school in appropriate uniform daily.

Aims and Objectives

Our policy on school uniform is based on the notion that school uniform:

  • Promotes a sense of pride in the school
  • Is practical, smart and affordable
  • Identifies students of the school and engenders a sense of community and belonging
  • Promotes equality amongst the students in terms of appearance

Role of Parents

We ask that all parents support the school uniform policy. We believe that parents have the duty to send their children to school correctly dressed and ready for their schoolwork. One of the responsibilities of parents is to ensure their child is wearing the correct uniform and that it is clean and in good repair.

Uniform Clothing

Girls –

  • School Checked pinafore dress
  • White long/short sleeved blouse (or white roll neck long sleeved top for winter)
  • School Cardigan
  • Charcoal grey tailored straight legged trousers – worn with either white long/short sleeved shirt, tie and tank top only. Belts must be plain black or brown leather
  • School Tank top to be worn with trousers
  • School Scarf to be worn with pinafore and blouse
  • School Tie to be worn with tank top and shirt
  • School Blazer
  • Socks – plain white or grey – long or short or plain grey tights

Boys –

  • Charcoal grey tailored straight legged trousers, belts must be plain black or brown leather
  • White long/short sleeved shirt
  • School Tank top
  • School Tie
  • School Blazer
  • Socks – plain grey or plain black

“School” items are individual to IES Breckland and can be purchased from School Office [order form]. All other items can be purchased elsewhere as appropriate.

PE Uniform

The following items are compulsory for ALL students:

  •       School Sky Blue Polo Shirt
  •       Navy Blue Shorts
  •       Navy Blue Football Socks for outdoor wear
  •       White Sports Socks for indoor activities
  •       Suitable training shoes for physical activity (canvas plimsolls, skater shoes or hi tops are not suitable for physical activity).

Students can also wear items of clothing from the optional list:

  •       School Rugby shirt
  •       IESB Navy blue tracksuit bottoms
  •       IESB Navy Blue ¼ zip sweatshirt (no hoodies)
  •       Football boots – for outdoor use
  •       Shin Pads, Gum guards

Items marked as IESB can be purchased online from Birds of Dereham, or by visiting their store.


We want the children to grow into healthy adults. We believe it is dangerous for students to wear platform soles, high-heeled shoes or flip-flops or canvas shoes. Sensible flat plain black leather shoes are the expected footwear for boys and girls. Canvas shoes and trainers are not acceptable.


On health and safety grounds the only permitted jewellery which can be worn by students is:

  • 1 pair of stud earrings (1 stud in each ear lobe) – No other piercings are permitted
  • A wrist watch

Any of the above worn jewellery is the responsibility of the student and any losses/damages incurred, will not be refunded by the school.

Accessories, make-up and hair styles

No accessories to the school uniform are permitted these include but are not limited to:

  • Sunglasses
  • Hair flowers
  • Badges/brooches – except school badges where appropriate
  • Hats – except woollen ones in winter worn to and from school

Hair styles are not to be extreme in appearance nor of outrageous fashion/design, nor shaven bald. All colour of hair is to be of natural shades. No hair extensions may be worn by students.

Only clear nail varnish can be worn. Absolutely, no nail extensions or false nails or wearing of coloured polishes.

No make-up is allowed in school as it detracts students from their learning. Students wearing it will be required to remove any make-up being worn in school.

School Bags

Students must come to school with an appropriate sized waterproof bag for carrying school books and equipment.  It needs to be designed to comfortably hold A4 files and workbooks without them getting damaged.