Students who develop good home learning habits go on to achieve higher GCSE grades.

We have coordinated the deadlines so that they are spread over the half term. The subject teachers will specify which lesson in the deadline week their home learning task is due in. The best way to approach these tasks is to complete them as soon as the teacher has set them- they will do this approximately 2 weeks before the deadline.

Here is a suggested timescale covering the days from the task being set to it being submitted:


Day 1- Task set

Teacher sets home learning task and specifies the deadline. Student records the deadline in Home Learning booklet and planner. Teacher provides additional support materials.

During days 2,3,4

Student attempts the Home Learning Task. They make use of the after school Home Learning support sessions as well as working at home.

During days 5,6,7

Student goes for help from subject teacher at lunchtime if necessary and then works to complete the task.

During days 8,9

Student asks parent or another adult or older student to proof-read their task before submission- looking for spelling and grammar errors etc.

During days 10,11

Any last minute changes/ alterations. Pack in bag ready to hand in.

Day 12,13,14,15

Home Learning Task is submitted.

Basically- the sooner the task is completed the better- but spend time on it to make it good quality or you will be asked to redraft it until it reaches a standard that matches your ability.

Home Learning in English, French and mathematics

Due to the variety of skills learned in English, French and mathematics, you will receive topic-based worksheets weekly in mathematics and may receive additional smaller weekly tasks in English and French.

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