Student Executive

Being part of the Student Executive is not all about: being a student with better priorities than the others, telling other students what they can and cannot do and, creating new rules in the school for students such as making mobile devices allowed at break or allowing students to wear make-up.

For me, it is about being part of the school community and being someone to represent it with other peers. I find the Student Executive challenging as there is alot of commitment towards what we do. Some of us may visit Primary Schools, or do assemblies in front of other year groups in which we prepare, with some guidance, and present.

We do have plans to get more students involved in our activities and for us to offer better opportunities for them. At the end of the day we are there to lead by example and to make small changes to improve every ones experience of life at IES Breckland. We are a team effort and that is why I enjoy the student voice and body.

Harry – Head Boy (2017-18)

Being on the Student Executive is a rewarding experience that teaches us a lot about our country’s democratic process. So far, we have visited Primary Schools, mentored year 7 students and spoken to Ofsted to give our opinion of the school. Any one has a chance of achieving the role that they want so it is worth nominating yourself! Becoming a member of the Student Executive allows you to give back to the school.

Jade – Head Girl (2017-18)

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